Planting Ideas and Weaving Them Together: It’s Sew Exciting!

Over the past week our fingers have been very busy spinning wool, weaving on different types of looms, and planting veggies and flowers for our gardens. We are beginning to create our sock puppet characters and imagining the stories they will star in. The classroom is abuzz with creativity and conversation as we learn to plan out our time and follow through on project goals. Next week we will be shaking things up a bit with an Earthquake Drill on Thursday May the 5th. For those families that do not attend on Thursdays, you may want to use part of that day to discuss and updating your family’s emergency plan and refresh earthquake kits. I will be following up the basic concepts with students next Monday as well.

Save the date: Possible field trip to TidalWAV. This is a family friendly Outdoor Education Event held at Ceperley Park and Second Beach on June 3rd.  Details to follow.

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