Blowing our own horns!

Fall Banners festoon the hallways outside our classroom! Lots of creativity revealed as we deepen our thinking about the changing seasons. There have been plenty of horns and horns of plenty around lately; and there has been lots of fun science and social studies happening as a result. As we get close to some of the mountain goat horns we were given recently. We observed that the shape of a hollow goat horn is the same shape as a cornucopia basket… In this way we discovered how connected we are to the past when we celebrate our good fortune over a good harvest! The Monday/Tuesday group discovered that they are resilient and strong walkers! We joined the Walk-a-thon fun on Tuesday and walked all the way around Trout Lake in less than an hour! We collected many wonderful leaves, acorns, and feathers on this walk as well. These treasures will likely show up in our artwork soon!  Next week we will share our version of Stone Soup. We will be making a big pot of vegetarian friendly soup from whatever vegetables our classmates care to share. Please send your child with a diced vegetable or two to add to the pot. I will provide vegetable stock and several (clean) stones to get the whole thing off to a tasty start. Photo Retake Day will be Monday October 24, and is open to the Home Learner students from both groups. These photos are used by VSB Library system and other records purposes, and parents are provided the opportunity to buy photo packages. If you missed the first date on October 3, feel free to arrive by 9:00am to the usual drop off spot at the gym doors. Thursday Friday group students will be dismissed from the front doors as soon as their photo is finished.

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