Dashing and Laughing All The Way

Thank you to those of you who sent along treats for Camp Read, and our end of term party on the last afternoon. On Tuesdays the younger group enjoyed relaxing in our PJ’s with board games and books while we snuggled with our blankets and stuffed animals and filled up on hot chocolate and goodies! The older group will enjoy the same on Friday! Thank you also for the kind cards and gifts sent along for me and my family.

REMINDER: Our first day back to in person classes will be on TUESDAY January 3rd.

I have sent home a booklet of seasonal ‘paper and pencil activities. We dipped into them here and there over the last week or so. We don’t do this sort of ‘work’ very often, but sometimes it is fun to have a few puzzles and colouring pages to offset the (often) over stimulating energy that can build at this time of year. I’ve sent them home with your kids with No Expectation. They Do Not need to be completed or returned. Feel free to use them, enjoy them or recycle them!

Who knew there was so much math and science involved in having fun in the snow, or doing seasonal art projects? We have been using our skills in Applied design, and our understanding of Ratio and Proportion to create some amazing art. We have used colour theory and our understanding or how solvents behave to colour dough, and paint some gorgeous ceramic tiles, snow murals. We have used our understanding of geometry to create geometric solids with novel materials as well. The older students are about to explore how compressed air can be used to move an object. (There is a hint in a video attached below)

The main school had an opportunity to work with a Hip Hop Dance instructor. Our younger group was  invited to join in the first two days of the program. Some of our students preferred to watch, but several joined in and enjoyed learning some HipHop moves and even impressed the instructor by incorporating cartwheels and jujitsu moves!

Are you looking for an idea for some silly fun on a rainy indoor day. How about an indoor snowball fight?


As this is the last blog of the calendar year, let me share with you some art created by VSB students including some from Beaconsfield:

Holiday Card Video.mp4

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