It’s So Logical!

I hope you have enjoyed a fulfilling and replenishing holiday season. Thank you for sending along those wonderful treats and goodies for our end of year celebration. We finished the last term exploring science through the arts. We will kick off the new term delving into how to plan an approach a new task, solving logic puzzles, creating logic puzzles, discovering how gravity works….and how it might be overcome. Lots of fun science ahead! In the next few weeks, we will also introduce Print Making and symmetry into our fine arts explorations. This could get messy! Later in this term your children will be invited to do some research about an “Eminent Canadian.” To conclude the project students will be invited to attend a “tea party” dressed up and interacting with classmates in the character of their chosen eminent Canadian. It should be a fun and informative ‘meeting of the minds.’ I will be sending home a rubric for this project in the next few weeks. I will also send a list of suggestions for a person to research. Feel free to discuss this project ahead of time and suggest to me a figure for your child to research. The research subject can be a figure from the Arts, Sciences, Sport, Literature, Politics etc. BUT should be someone who is not alive today. Details to follow.

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