Destination Conservation

Calling all GHL grade 4’s and 5’s!  

We have been invited, once again, to join the Destination Conservation Program!  This year the theme is Waste.   Assessing the amount of waste generated at school is great motivation to establish or improve recycling programs, as well as looking at creative ways to reduce waste in the first place, by employing some of the ‘other Rs’ (reduce, reuse, repair, rethink…).  A new organics program is being piloted this year by VSB in a small number of schools across Vancouver.  Following a successful pilot, the scheme will be expanded throughout the district. 

This is an “added bonus” program for our grade 4 and 5’s,  being led by Shannon, so if your student is interested, please let Shannon know asap.  There will be three workshops to attend at the VSB on Broadway where our students will meet with other teachers and students from Vancouver to share ideas, learn, and have fun :  Wednesday, October 2nd (9-noon), Tuesday, January 14th (9-noon), and Tuesday, May 6th (3:30-5:30).

The students involved will gain leadership skills and work on conservation issues surrounding Waste throughout the school year, leading the student body in school or classroom initiatives.