The Great Nature Project

great-natureNow here is a great way to learn about nature around us, and the earth’s biodiversity!

 National Geographic Kids is hosting  the world’s largest citizen science project. The Great Nature Project is an international attempt to record our world’s biodiversity, and your family can join right from your backyard. Find out how your kids can see their photos on a National Geographic website, and be a part of a worldwide event!

In my own backyard, I will be taking photos of the Painted Lady butterflies that are still visiting my lilac tree, the wonderful striped spiders that seem to have webs everywhere right now (what kind of spiders are they, anyhow?), the finches and chickadees that visit my feeders, the skunk family that lives out back – oh, and – of course! Sam and Sophie – the Wonderdogs that find themselves in so many of the adventures your children hear about every school year!

What a great way also  to fulfill curricular requirements in Science and Social Studies!!

Let’s get started!