What Represents Canada?


The Canadian Wildlife Federation has just launched their of 2011 Reflections of Nature Photo Contest.

Next year marks 50 years of conservation for the Canadian Wildlife Federation and they want to start celebrating early! Set your sights on moments and photos that represent Canada’s past, present or future; it could be an owl perched on a century old pine, a chipmunk storing food near an urban center and everything else in between that reminds you of how Canada once was, is or might be someday. Since the winning photos from the contest will be featured in a 10-page spread in their magazines in January 2012, they thought it would be a perfect way to kick things off.

They will be judging all high resolution photos that feature flora, fauna, landscape or urban wildlife.

Prizes include a year-long magazine subscription to Canadian Wildlife, CWF goodies from their online store,   Photo printers from HP, a poster of your photo courtesy of Photojack and so much more!

So start snapping today! You have until October 31, 2011 to capture and submit your winning shot!

Participation in this type of project is a great way to incorporate curriculum areas such as community, Canada, weather, science, social studies, fine arts, even language arts!  What a great way to get us all thinking about all the things that represent Canada – and the things we cherish as Canadians!  Enjoy!