Books About Peace

Interested in reading a good children’s book about Peace to commemorate International Peace Day?  The following are a few recommendations.  Enjoy!

The Peace Book by Todd Parr.  Colour picture book with images of peace.

The Seeds of Peace
by Laura Berkley.  A wealthy merchant invites a hermit home and learns what true peace and happiness mean.

A Time for Toys
by M. Wild and J. Vivas.  A story about life after war where all children have peaceful toys to play with and live in harmony.

What Are Friends For?
by S. Grindley and P. Dawn.  Bear and Fox, best friends, quarrel then learn about solving problems peacefully.

Best Friends
by Elizabeth Reuter.  The story of a young Jewish girl during Nazi Germany.

What Does Peace Feel Like?
by V. Radunsky.  The story asks children of all ages “What does peace feel like?

Sadako And The Thousand Paper Cranes
by Eleanor Coerr.   The touching true story of a Japanese girl who died from leukenia as a result of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

If you know of any other good books about Peace for children, please share them!


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