Getting ready to celebrate at Portfolio Meetings

Don’t forget there is a 2:00pm Dismissal on Thursday Nov 18th. If this will create a hardship for your family, please let me know through the school office at 604-713-4605.

Portfolio meetings start on November 23! This is a wonderful time to celebrate our learning journey at school and at home! Please phone to school office from outside the building when you arrive with your child and I will come down to meet you at the front doors. I wont be able to sanitize classroom materials between meetings, so please bring something quiet to engage siblings while they wait their turn.

Portfolio Week Projects: Because students will be missing several days of in person learning from November 23 through December 2, I am offering up an Interdisciplinary project for those who would like to supplement these extra days at home and to get a head start on work we will do in future weeks. It is on the theme of Snails. I do have a few more snails for students who attend on Thursday/Friday this week. Please read the blog from last week for details. The children in attendance on Tuesday Nov 16 received a copy, and I will provide it to those in attendance on Thursday Nov 18th.   I will place additional copies in the “Extra Copies for Parents” Envelope as well.

Over the past week we have been discussing helpful ways to organize our thinking, how to plan our work and how to keep track of work and important dates etc. (This is part of Career Education area in SLPs) Generally VSB students from Grade 2 and up start learning how to use a Day Planner as part of daily routines. I have suggested that one strategy might be for students (especially Intermediates) to ask parents for a simple Academic Day Planner (these go through the school year from August to July rather than 12 month January to December style) to help them become more independent in this area. (They are very cheap at this time of the year. I’ve recently seen them at “dollar stores” or they could be homemade.)

Experiential Learning is the mainstay of Home Learners programs. Experiential Learning is Learning through experience AND reflection on the doing. With that in mind, we have been working to deepen our abilities to Reflect after our Hands On/ Experiential activities. Rather than simply ‘launch in and see where it goes” with our writing, we have been thinking about making connections and creating logical sequences. Currently we are using Fiber Art and Science as the topic for this writing. Procedural Writing and writing about science trains the writer to bring clarity to complexity. For the older students we push this further to notice how this sort of writing about science helps us embrace nuance and come to appreciate that that everything “new” is built upon past relationships. Ask you children about “First, Next, Then, Finally” templates that were sent home with the Primary students this week.

We have also been learning about Reflecting on our work and how to do “Self-Evaluations. Our regular “Shape of the Day” routine involves reflecting on our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) state. Recently we have been extending that reflecting on our academic work as well. We have been exploring various ways of measuring our effort and using a variety of “4 point scales”. I am continually impressed with the depth and quality of thinking that your children share with each other!

Not at a snail’s pace!

Although the days have become chilly, your kids are showing heartwarming insights as we talk about the importance of  learning to solve problems in peaceful ways. And in this context we made some music, and did some art connected to Remembrance Day. We explored the topic of ‘service’ and people who serve our country. We also explored how animals such as elephants, and horses, dogs and birds that can do many tasks to help people. Science this week involved learning about the main parts of flowers that grow from bulbs, and we got our hands dirty planting tulips and daffodils. We have discussed the sort of habitat a small creature such as a snail needs to be safe and find food. Some of us have started learning how to make felt fabric out of wool, or how to sew a simple fabric flower. Both groups will go further with the science of fiber over the coming weeks and months as well. For this project I am hoping to offset allotment spending by seeking for donations of old flat cotton bedsheets and old clean cotton towels….and a couple rolling pins. Any donations welcome. Another upcoming interdisciplinary project involves using acorns…if you live near an oak tree, please consider collecting 25-50 clean acorns; preferably acorns that still have their little ‘cap’ on top. I will also appreciate the ‘caps’ themselves, as well as small twigs.

For Science/Social Studies/Art will be studying our class pet snails quite closely over the coming months. If you would like to have a few of these snails at home to enable closer examination, please send your child to school over the next few days with a clean glass jar with a lid, and 1 or 2 layers of clean rocks in the jar. These small aquatic snails eat algae and are very low maintenance. They are large enough to see their body parts without being so large that they need a lot of space. They actually move about quite a bit and are quite fascinating! They do not need a filter or a heater. They DO need a space near a window to get sunlight to help the algae grow; but not so much light as to raise the temperature above room temperature. They will eat algae from the rocks in the jar, as well as tiny amounts of mushy lettuce/spinach from the edge of your kitchen compost! The rocks should be larger than peas, but smaller than olives. Please rinse the rocks to ensure no mud, but double rinse to ensure there is no soap in the jar. I will provide the snails, and aquarium water, water plants, and a few rocks from our tank to inoculate the algae growing process.

If you have not already done so, please go to the calendar on the blog to choose a time for a Portfolio meeting. Incidentally, I have permission to share some (anonymous) examples that may help clarify the expectations for Interim submissions for our Intermediate students going forward.

Please spread the word: The waitlist for new registrations is now open. People can find the application for on the Blog site or email me at



Stop, Look and Listen!

Such a full and busy week! Thank you to all who send along goodies for our Hallowe’en parties last week. We also did some silly Science with Solutions and Mixtures. Ask your kids about this!  On Tuesday the Primary group had an assembly about Traffic Safety with VPD Constable Hooper. Ask you children about why we need to Stop! Look! And listen. To help reinforce this important safety information consider asking what they remember from this talk; and if they know how to tell their Left hand from their right. Also…do they know your address and phone number for use in an emergency?

This week and next we will focus on Remembrance Day. We do not ‘celebrate’ the day. Rather we spend time reflecting on how to solve problems in Peaceful Ways. And how to appreciate Canadian rights and responsibilities preserved through the service of others. We continue to plant over 120 tulip and daffodil bulbs which were a 75th Anniversary gift from the Dutch Government to approx. 400 BC classrooms.

The festival of Diwali is happening this week with Thursday November 4 being a special day for many in our community. Here are some links your family might enjoy exploring.  For general information:

Video for students to explain the holiday:

Portfolio time is fast approaching: If you have not yet done so, please check the calendar on the Blog and send me your preference for Portfolio time. Allotment requests are also open now. There are extra copies of the Approved Vendors in the tote. Please don’t forget to include the cost of shipping, and to leave room in your spending for possible field trips in the Spring. It is helpful to make clear the connection to your child’s SLP as this will speed up the approval process significantly.

The waitlist for next year is now open. If you know folks who are interested in registering for next year, please encourage them to visit the Blog where they can learn more and find the application form as well. We do have a couple of spaces available for this year as well.

Time is flying by!

Along with the falling leaves flying past our windows TIME itself is flying by too. It’s hard to believe, but we are already 20% of the way through the school year!

The schedule to sign up for portfolio meetings will soon be posted on the Blog Calendar. Please send me your first and second preferences, and I will do my best. If you have more than one child in the program you will need to book one time spot PER CHILD. Please plan to bring something quiet for siblings to do while they await their turn. If you are curious about how your child is progressing in relationship to widely held expectations for their age range: Quick Scales and rubrics for assessing all subject areas at all grade levels are available on the Min of Ed website.

Given how slow the “global supply chain” seems to be moving these days, I recommend spending your child’s allotment funds sooner rather than later. Our office staff do not have time to track packages. Items that do not arrive during the school year will be returned to the supplier. Unfortunately, unspent funds, or funds for items on back order, cannot be retained for the following school year, or if your child leaves the program.

Parents of INTERMEDIATE students (grade 4 to grade 7) will remember that they are expected to submit work more often that the Primary students (See Parent Hand book page 4) These interim submissions can be in the form of a photo copy of a log book page, a scanned or printed photo of a finished product exemplar, a Google Doc, a Pic Collage or similar. Please put your child’s name in the Subject heading of any work submitted digitally.

Thank you to those Grade 4-7 students who met the first submission due date of October 22. If your child has not submitted, it is now time to do so, or email the teacher. The second interim submission date is November 12. Portfolios will take the place of the third submission date. The fourth submission date will be December 16. These interim submissions and the portfolio meetings will form the basis of the first report cards in January.

Parents of students in Grade 7: If you intend to enroll your child in a Choice Program for Grade 8, please keep a watch on the VSB website for Choice Program application dates.

A seasonal suggestion and some things to consider

Art and Science collide:

Here is a link to a free art lesson from the Sierra Club: how to draw a little brown bat

The VSB invites families to consider that a Culture is not a Costume:

The autumn season is upon us, and soon it will be Halloween. This time of year brings with it decisions on costume choice. While dressing up is meant to be fun and exciting, it also runs the risk of offending others with costumes that are offensive to other cultures. Halloween offers the opportunity to discuss costume choices with both colleagues and students. It is important not to inadvertently mimic culture by culturally appropriating racial or ethnic groups. Here is a link to a helpful article about how some teachers approach this:

Teacher turns costume shopping trip into teachable moment about cultural stereotypes | CBC News

Autumn Antics

Falling leaves adrift…crunching underfoot as we…collect to make art. We have been getting curious about many things to do with changing seasons, and collaborating on projects. We were gifted 100 tulip bulbs as part of Agriculture BC’s “Plant a Promise” program. So soon we will be planting bulbs for Spring flowers…a long-range investment!

Thank you to those of you who have been asking about Allotment spending. The request form is on the blog and there are a few copies in the tote. The VSB Approved Venders are the same as last year. Rather than post a list in this public space, I will send a list home with your children. Meanwhile, if you find another Vendor that you feel may be appropriate, please ask them if they are willing to comply with our Invoice system. If they agree, forward me your suggestions so I can follow up.

Hallowe’en is just around the corner. The whole school is having fun with some seasonal games and activities, and we are getting in on the action by decorating our classroom door, and hallway. In the days ahead we are doing some spooky math, science, writing, and art activities. For those students who do not celebrate Hallowe’en, I offer Autumn themed math, science, writing and art activities as well.

The Primary students will have a Hallowe’en party on Tuesday Oct 26th. The Intermediates will have a Hallowe’en party on Friday Oct 29. Students are invited to wear costumes on their cohort party day, and you are invited to contribute some goodies to share for our party. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we cannot share communal blows/plates of treats this year. You are welcome to send individually wrapped or bagged goodies. Whatever treats are donated will be serve by me onto disposable plates, and I will use tongs and wear gloves.

Also new this year: In keeping with the BC SEL (social emotional learning) curriculum, we are starting to do the EASE (everyday anxiety strategies for educators) program to our Primary group. Together with our YFW we will learn how to recognize our own and others’ feelings; how to calm our bodies so we can relax and focus; how to notice helpful and unhelpful self-talk; and how to take small steps to face challenges. The lessons are fun and engaging and many strategies will be incorporated into our daily classroom routines. If you are interested to know more about the EASE, I would be happy to discuss it with you.

For those of you that are enjoying nature explorations as part of your sciences: you may enjoy a free online game about habits and habitats of various endangered species called And, if you enjoy this game, I have heard that another version called  “find the bats” will launch soon.

Soggy Socks and Snails

Autumn is here in all its splendor, and with it comes Soggy Socks Season!

Please send your Primary aged children with a pair of “Inside shoes” (slip-on) that they change into when they arrive at the classroom (so we can leave the mud outside rather than our classroom carpet) and with a change of socks and pants for the inevitable encounter with playground puddles. These shoes, socks, and pants can stay at school until the end of the year. Speaking of which there are some pants and socks etc. that were left behind last June. Some have been sent home. The rest was not recognized by any of the children. If you are missing some items please discuss with your child and email me about it. Items still unclaimed by Oct 22 will be donated to charity.

Since the last update our Primary students spent the past week learning about and comparing various two types of snails and what they need to survive and thrive. Ask them about the Nature Bracelets we made! Both the Primary and Intermediate groups have been learning ‘pre-writing strategies’ with which we can strengthen and deepen how we  express of our thinking and ideas. This is also useful baseline information for me to use as I plan future lessons.

WEEKLY Library and Gym times:                                                                                                                       Mon/Tue students have Gym on Monday and Library on Tuesday Please send all school library books back on Tuesdays. (Books may also be renewed at that time)                                                                                               Thur/Fri students  have Library on Thursday and Gym on Friday. Please send all school Library books back on Thursdays. (Books may also be renewed at that time)

The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre has a Blog and a YouTube Channel with videos about new discoveries about space science that may be of interest to some families:

Safety First! On Tuesday Oct 12 the school held our first Fire Drill of the year. We had already discussed what to expect and procedures for an earthquake and a fire. When the alarm sounded they all knew just what to do. We safely exited the building together and gathered at our designated spot for “emergency meet ups” and waited for the “All Clear” from the principal to go back inside. You will be proud to know that all our kids deserve to be complimented on their excellent safe behaviour! There will be an earthquake drill in the near future on a day when the Intermediate cohort is present.

Further to the topic of safety, Parents may be interested to know that research has brought to light that some social media platforms may be harmful to societal and individual mental health, particularly for younger people. I’ve attached links to an agency that is offering a program called “The Social Dilemma” currently available on Youtube that explores this topic further. It may be of interest to some parents. The second link is a resource for holding a deeper conversation with children about impacts of social media on their lives.

The Social Dilemma is on Youtube through Oct. 31st.     new classroom debate resource

Deep Thinking and Kindness

Its been delightful to get to know your children over the past weeks. As we have been thinking about Thanksgiving and Terry Fox, your children have been sharing some deep thinking.  You are raising such curious and kind people!

Daily Health Check: Many students in both groups have told me that they are not sure if they have completed their Daily Health Check. Please tell your child when you are doing the Daily Health Check so that they can verify that it was done that morning when attendance is taken at school.

Allotment Requests are now open.  You will find the form on the Blog site, and there are a few hard copies in the tote. Please send completed requests directly to me via your child, or place in the tote in the envelope marked Ms. Baker. Please remember, ALL requests must connect to your child’s Student Learning Plan and may take several weeks to be processed.

Verification Forms and Media Consent forms. Please complete the forms sent home last week. You can return them directly to me via your child, or place them in the Envelope marked “Ms. Baker” in the tote.

INTERMEDIATE students will remember that they are expected to submit work more often that the Primary students (See Parent Hand book page 4) Please submit evidence of work on all areas listed on or before October 22. This can be in the form of a photo copy of a log book page, a scanned or printed photo of a finished product exemplar, a Google Doc, a Pic Collage or similar. Please put your child’s name in the Subject heading of any work submitted digitally.

The Terry Fox Run for Beaconsfield school was postponed due to rain to this Friday. The Primary group did our own Terry Fox Run on Tuesday. The Intermediate group will join in with the school on Fri Oct 8.

The link below is to a short video of our Primary kids’ Terry Fox Run. No faces are shown as not all Media Consent forms have been received yet.

In The Know and Here We GO!

In The KNOW and Here We GO!

Classes start this Friday for the Intermediate group! After our photos are done, we will head for our classroom for a fun day of activities to help us get to know our new and returning classmates.

Activation Assignments are due now due. They must be marked ‘received’ due by 3:00pm Wednesday September 29th. Thank you, to all the families who have already returned their child(ren)’s assignment. As of the writing of this blog post, several Activation Assignments have not yet been returned. The Activation is a Min of Ed requirement for ALL Home Learners in BC.  Late or missing Activation Assignments may result in reduced funding for your child.

MASKS now required for ALL Students. The VSB has updated mask requirements. Initially masks were only mandatory for staff and students Grade 4-12. Earlier this week the policy was changed, and they are now required for everyone, including children from Kindergarten to Grade3.

Photo Day is this Friday. It is for ALL students in both groups. Our group goes first, so it is important to meet at the front of the school at 9:00am. Those students who are unable to come on Friday may have their photo taken on the school’s “Photo Retake Day” TUESDAY October 26th instead.

Terry Fox Run is on Tuesday Oct 5 next week. The Primary group will participate. The school office will have emailed out an online donation form. Please send your children in suitable cloths and running shoes.

Important Immunization Information for Grade 6 and 7 parents.  This school year, we will be running our usual immunization clinics for our Grade 6’s at the school but will also be including the Grade 7’s who missed the opportunity to be immunized for target grade immunizations (HPV and any other outstanding vaccines) last year.

There will be two clinics this year:

  • First clinic on Friday, October 8th 2021
  • Second tentative clinic on Tuesday, April 14th 2022

Due to time constraints this fall term, there will be no follow up phone calls if consents are not returned by 3:00pm on October 1st.

Students will only be immunized with parental consent. If your child in Grade 6 or 7 does not receive a consent form, it is because they are already in progress getting vaccines elsewhere or are already complete for their age.

Please read the pink form and the immunization consent form very carefully. Return consents to school as soon as possible.

  1. If you are consenting to vaccines, please ensure you have ticked the box for the vaccines you want given, signed and dated the form and indicated that you are the parent or guardian.
  2. If you are dissenting to vaccines, please ensure you have ticked the box for the vaccines you do not want given, signed and dated the form and indicated that you are the parent or guardian.

Covid 19 vaccine will also be offered to any students who turn 12 by the end of this year, but again, only with parental consent.  Please ensure that your child wears a short sleeved shirt and has breakfast on the day of the clinic.

Lots going on!

It was lovely to meet so many of you over the last little while. The past weeks have been a delightful time of introductions and connecting. Student Learning Plan meetings wrap up next week. In person classes begin for the Intermediate group on Friday October 1. As this day is also school photo day, students from both groups are welcome top come to the photo session at 9:00am. We will meet near the front doors of the school right at 9:00. Intermediate students will stay for the whole day. Primary students will leave as soon as their photo is finished. (We will meet the Primary students at 9:00am at the front of the school the following Monday for their first day of attendance.) Exciting times!

It has been brought to my attention that some families are not getting an email to tell them about a new blog posting. As the Administration of the Blog has changed hands, perhaps try subscribing again? A quick reminder that the best way to reach me is through me email (rather than replying to the blog) ….

In your envelops you will find some items direct from the school district. This includes an extremely important VERIFICATION SHEET and a Student Reunification Sheet. This information is collected in case of emergency, and it is essential to return it as soon as possible. In addition, you will find information about School Fees. These are collected from every student throughout VSB. Home Learners are not required to pay the Supplementary fees.

The package also includes a school calendar, a media consent form, a consent form that allows us to go on walks to local parks and other locations for educational purposes that are within walking distance of the school, permission for your child to receive free fruits and vegetables provided through BC Agriculture in the Classroom program.  A Parent email is also collected in the package. If you leave the package stapled together this will make things very easy to track; just detach the orange School Calendar page at the back of the package and we should be good to go!

Please complete and return the package before October 15th by placing it in your child’s envelop before that date. Speaking of the envelops…. I am enjoying the wonderful decorations many students have done on the envelop! Decorating is voluntary but will make it easier for you to identify yours in the tote. To clarify one thing about the envelops: after your next pick-up/drop-off trip the envelop Stays in the tote at School. This way, there will always be a place for me to give items to individuals and families, and for parents families to give items back to me.

One last reminder: Activation Assignments are due before 3:00pm Wednesday Sept 29th.

Here we go!

Student Learning Plans now well under way! The meetings are in
Person, and held in our classroom. Please phone the school upon arrival and someone will meet you at the front doors to bring you in. Please remember the masks are required for all adults and students Grade 4 and older. The VSB strongly encourages younger students to wear masks as well and I would also appreciate it.

If you have not already booked a time for this essential part of the program please go to the calendar and email me a first and second choice for a meeting time as soon as possible.

Every registered student now has a personal envelop for returning assignments, picking up materials etc. It can be found in the Home Learner Tote n the front steps of the school. Please check it frequently. Feel free to decorate it! 😊

Another essential part of the program is the Activation assignment. They are due on September 29th. Feel free to pick them up from the tote ahead of time.

Save the Date: Monday Oct 1 is school photo day. Details to follow.

Orange Shirt Day is a community wide initiative to acknowledge the impact that Residential Schools have had on Indigenous people in Canada. This year our Orange Shirt Day is September 29. Please note that school will not be in session on September 30, the new statutory day of reflection.

There are many other special even days, and days when school is not in session. These include Professional Days, Stat holidays, Portfolios Meeting dates, Immunization clinics, Winter Break/Spring Break etc. These will be posted on the calendar attached to the Blog.

I’ve attached information about resources and events your children might also be interested.                    I am very much enjoying the Student Learning Plan meetings, and look forward to meeting with you soon.

Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST)  Society for Canadian Women in Science & Technology – SCWIST. is hosting workshops and events for kids from K-12, currently online. All workshops are free.

For Science Literacy week 2021, they are hosting virtual Climate themed hands-on activities for kids ages 7-12, from Sep 21st-Sep 24th.  They host live sessions and also provide pre-recorded videos of the activities and instructions to all schools that register. The materials needed for the activities are easy to find household materials. ​​​​​​​

Sessions planned: 1. Learn about the factors affecting climate

  1. Be a polar bear and learn about polar adaptations
  2. How does climate change affect food chains
  3. Day 4 is surprise​​​​​​​

Link for sign up.

FuturePLAY are thrilled to support STEM Sorority (a club that offer girls a comfortable and supportive environment to explore their passion for STEM) and their latest initiative – Project Escape. This Escape Room activity is for grade 6-7 students to incorporate & build upon their science knowledge.

Check out THIS video to learn more. Also, here is the link to the Project Escape description to include links to all the Project Escape materials.

To get the project scape for your class go here:

If you have any questions you can contact STEM Sorority : or Mónica Aguirre


In the Know

Topic: Beyond Behaviours: When Is It More? What It Looks Like at Ages 4 to 8 years

When our kids are having a hard time, or we are seeing something for the first time, we might wonder what’s going on?  In this video conversation, a parent and a counsellor talk about the developmental stages of 4 to 8 year old children, what are typical behaviours and how do we know when something more might be going on.  This conversation is for all families and caregivers who feel like they are parenting in the deep end of the swimming pool or are just wondering what they can do when it feels like more.

Date:  Monday, September 20 @ 4:30-6:00 PM

Registration: Click here to Register


My name is Lorraine Baker, and I am your new Home Learner Program Teacher! I was delighted to be offered and accept the opportunity to lead this unique and innovative program. I am very familiar with the program having been its administrator several years ago. Ms. Hobson has keep me well informed about how this program continues to thrive and I look forward to connecting with you soon.  Until then, the best way to reach me is through email at

In the next few days I will be contacting those of you who have already emailed me, to confirm dates and times for the planning meetings. I will also be reaching out to those of you who are new to the program and our routines. Meanwhile, I urge you begin thinking about what sorts of interests and strategies you would like to discuss for best meeting your child’s learning goals this year.  Your former teacher, Ms. Hobson has created an amazing resource with this blog, and I will be adding to it regularly.

Due to COVID we will continue to eat our snacks and lunches in the Classroom. Also, although masks are only mandatory for Grades 4 through 12, the VSB strongly encourages students from Kindergarten through Grade 3 to wear masks as much as possible. And I hope they do as well.

Please note: students will need to update their VSB passwords…I am including a link here for easy access:  – students will need to make new 2-3 word passwords, student option-

Some of our communication will take place online. Occasionally I will be sending out meeting invitations through TEAMS. Please install the app so that our connections can go through more quickly and it is easier to share screens etc. I look forward to meeting you and working with you soon!                                     Warmly, Ms. Lorraine Baker

Summer to September

As this school year wraps up, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed a year of learning adventures with your children, and how much I appreciated all the support of the parents.    What a great community we have in our program!  As of Wednesday, June 30th, the school will be closed and all staff away until Wednesday, September 8th, 2021. 

On September 8th, the mainstream school students convene at 9:00 a.m. for a whole-school assembly in the gym to find out their classroom placements.  Home Learners do not attend that day.  As soon as practically possible on the 8th and 9th, your teacher will be contacting all registered student’s families to book or confirm their Student Learning Plan Meetings.  These are very busy days and we will contact everyone as soon as we possibly can.  The Home Learners’ classroom is closed on the 8th, as all staff have meetings immediately following the classroom placement assembly, for the remainder of the day.

As with the rest of the distributed learning world, for Home Learners’, the first weeks of September consist mainly of planning, preparing and completing individual Student Learning Plans with the teacher, working on and completing each student’s Activation Assignment, and starting (or continuing) their home learning. It is important to understand that everyone must attend a Student Learning Plan meeting and their child must complete an Activation Assignment before they are fully registered in the program.  That is a Ministry of Education requirement.

Starting immediately, please look at the calendar on the left column of this site (or click onto the calendar page) to view available times to book for Student Learning Plan meetings.  Please email the with your 1st and 2nd choice of Student Learning Plan meeting times.  Please ensure the heading of your email is: “Home Learners – Student Learning Plan Meeting” or it might get missed or re-directed.  We will book people into meeting times on a first-come, first-served basis. Although we will not be accessing  VSB email over the summer, your email will be saved and read upon our return in September. For newly registered families,  we will contact you during the first week of the school year.  For waitlist families, we will contact you if and when we are able to provide you a placement. Otherwise, we are not able to contact people regarding “where they are on the list.”

We will do our best to book people into their requested meeting times on a first come, first served basis, and will email you confirmation on or shortly after September 8th.  

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting our new students and families!

Have a fabulous summer everyone!

Monday and Tuesday and Wrap Up

Hello Everyone,

The last day of school for this school year is Tuesday.  For those who are not attending, I will have everyone’s report cards in the blue mail bin on Tuesday morning.  The bin will be outside on the front steps from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

I will give attending students their report cards to bring home.

For the last two days of school, please ensure your child has a water bottle, sunscreen, and a hat.  Even inside the school, it is very hot – 1914 brick buildings were not built for hot weather!  On Monday, I will have some fun activities in the morning and will be showing the students Frozen 2 in the afternoon.  I have a few bags of extra clothes that none of the students claimed this past week, so please talk to your child if these are your clothes, so they can go home.  If they are unclaimed, they will be donated to charity.

On Tuesday, the Primaries will join the primaries in the main school for a mini sports day, for the morning only.  Please ensure your child has running shoes, a water bottle, hat, sunscreen, and a snack and lunch.  In the afternoon, the children will do activities, playtime, and clean up.

Last School Days for Intermediates

I know the Intermediates are ready to enjoy the summer and to say goodbye to a very peculiar school year and year in the life of pandemic living.  I just want to provide an overview of the next two days so everybody has what they need for both days.

On Thursday, we will be going to Trout Lake park to enjoy the weather, get out of the brick oven that is our school building, and have some fun.  Please have the students pack a towel or something to sit on at the park, a water bottle, snack and lunch, sunscreen, and maybe a hat.

On Friday, we will have our own Home Learners’ ‘Sports Day.’  Please have your students bring their snacks and lunch.  I will be providing snacks and drinks as requested by the kids, and I think most of the students want to bring a treat, as we discussed in our small group.  Thanks to Claire (‘s Mom!) who provided everyone with two murder mystery games to play also!

Primaries Sports Day

Monday, June 21 is the Primaries’ Sports Day

Please pack a snack and lunch as usual, water bottle, sunscreen, and hat.  We will be both outside and inside for our activities.  I will be giving out some potato chips and freezies as treats.

I have put the students into two colour teams.  If possible, please dress your children in whatever they have that is their team colour.

Yellow Team:

Skye, Theo, Chloe, Lauren, Sophia, Tisa

Orange Team:

Sophie, Audrey, Brixton, Stella, Dasha


Home Learners’ Sports Days

As strict covid-19 measures continue to remain in place in schools,  we are not able to hold a school-wide sports day as we have done in previous years.  We are able to hold a small in-person event this year, which is at least a step up from the virtual sports day we had to have last year.  The key to holding a sports day event this year is that it has to be ‘small.’  The mainstream classes at Beaconsfield are having separate sports days for different groups, and we, as Home Learners’ will have our own sports day for our two student groups.
Our Sports Days will be as follows:
Primaries:  Monday, June 21
Intermediates: Friday, June 25th
Also, in keeping with Covid-19 protocols, parents and siblings will not be able to attend.  I will do my best to ensure photos are taken and shared with everyone.  Our Sports Days will consist of fun, participatory games for all the students to enjoy.  I haven’t worked out exactly where we will hold the games – school field, gym, park, etc., more details will be provided as I tee everything up.  Of course, if these days turn out to be rainy, we will adjust and do fun activities in the classroom.