Before you know it!

This last week before Spring Break is flying by.  Our math and social studies explorations included reading two books “One Well” and “If the World Were a Village.” These provided many insights into how privileged Canadians are when it comes to the percentage of the world’s resources, levels of income, and access to water compared to other parts of the world.

Categorizing and playing with vintage toys was another fun way to compare and contrast material objects and how life for kids has changed over the decades. A field trip to Lynn Valley provoked some deep conversations about where water comes from and where it goes along its cycle through the natural world. We also learned about creatures that do not have spines or bones.

Back in the classroom we enjoyed some peaceful cozy time with books and blankets and hot chocolate at “Camp Read”. While in this contemplative space learned a song about our good fortune to be living on mother earth. In the new term, we will begin writing songs. And soon the grade 4 to 7s will try our hand at making instruments to play them on. (More cookie tins please!) We rounded out the term getting our hands dirty sculpting bowls and beads from papier mâché for the charity fundraiser craft sale we will have in June.

Planning for next year is now well under way: The primary cohort (Kindergarten to grade 3) is full with a long waitlist. The Intermediate (Grade 4 to 7) group has very few spots left, and only at specific grade levels and criteria. So, if you know of families who may be interested, have them review the blog and then email me as soon as possible. I will be in touch after the break.

REMINDERS: Interim assignment #5 is due March 14th for students grade 4 to 7.  Please check the blog regularly for updates to the calendar. Spring Break goes from March 18 to April 1. Report cards go home this week….check those back packs or pick up the report from the blue tote in the hall if you were absent this week. Please sign and return the report envelope so I can reuse it for the third term report.

I recently came across an intriguing app called Radio.Garden.  It allows you to listen to radio stations all around the world in real time! It works through an interface similar to Google Earth. I thought this would be a fun way to hear music and voices in languages around the world. Google Radio.Garden to check it out!

Looking for things to do over Spring Break or the coming summer? Check out the Medicine Wheel Ceremony on March 24th at VanDusen Botanical Garden. They have several camps and family programs on offer as well. Lynn Valley Ecology Centre does too.

This will be my last blog post until after Spring Break. Happy Equinox! We return to in person learning on Tuesday April 2.

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