Shining a Light on the Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse on April 8th provides some wonderful learning opportunities indeed. But there are hazards as well. Here in the classroom, we have discussed the importance of being very careful about how we may observe the eclipse. Although Vancouver is not in the path of the full eclipse, it will experience a noticeable 20% of the eclipse’s effect. Those of us who are at school on the 8th will watch the full eclipse, livestreamed from a zone of totality, on the big screen in the safety of our gym. Recess and Lunch times are being adjusted to keep students indoors or under adult supervision during the event. In this way, children won’t be tempted to try and watch the beginning/ending of the eclipse without proper protection. Regular Monday/Tuesday families: If you intend to keep your child home to watch the eclipse please let me know.   Students may challenge themselves to discover what stories and explanations ancient people may have had about eclipses. I hope you all enjoy this incredible celestial event in safety and wonder!

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