Always Look on the Bright Side

Optimism has been an important topic of discussion for both groups. In the face of a complicated world, how do you stay positive? Helping others allows us to feel affective and resilient! One thing the older kids have noticed is that comparing ourselves to others on social media can be a drain on our energy. Spending more time reading real books and making art is a useful antidote to uncertainty.


Our spirits were lifted a bit when we learned that Kwiisahi?is, the baby orca near Zeballos, ate seal meat from Indigenous people nearby. We wrote and illustrated Haikus in her honour.

FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: Perhaps it is fortuitous that this post is late, because the orca is now free! See this story from CBC:

Hopefully, she will reunite with her pod and thrive.

Today, is “Team Spirit Day” at the school (apologies for the late notice). The grade 7’s at the main school are having another snack sale, so feel free to send along a bit of money if you wish your child to partake.

We’ve been talking about how to build community, and are very excited to be welcoming a long time member to join us for in-person learning on Monday.

The Monday/Tuesday Primary age cohort is full with a long waitlist for September. But there is a small number of spots open in September for the Thursday/Friday Intermediate cohort. Feel free to invite parents you think may be interested for this opportunity for their child to email me.

I came across an interesting article on a Cognitive Science site about how print and screen time influence a developing brain differently. Feel free to check it out.


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