Friendship & Family (Day)

Portfolio meetings begin tomorrow, so this blog post will be short and sweet!

Friendship and fostering positive supportive relationships were the theme for the last few days. We have been learning to offer support kindly and look for opportunities to show our helpers appreciation. Thank you to those who sent along ingredients for our Friendship Fruit Salads. One salad was quite full of oranges, and one was quite full of green grapes. BOTH were refreshing and delicious!

For the last two weeks, the older group has made papier mâché bowls and seed paper. We’ve also explored sculpting, carving, and engraving with a variety of materials with a variety of tools.

The younger groups have had some fun learning about Opera and performing our own Operas as well as illustrating several classic songs and poems.

Monday/Tuesday group please note we have a field trip to Lynn Valley Ecology Centre on our second day back after Portfolios (Tuesday, March 5th). We will meet at the Ecology Centre at 9:45, rain or shine! Bring a lunch. We will be exploring in boggy wet conditions so wear boots and gloves….maybe a change of socks too! As always for this type of activity, parents provide their own transportation and supervise their children. There is public transportation nearby and plenty of paid parking at the Centre. Please consider carpooling.

If your child is currently enrolled, and you have not already done so, please let me know if you intend for your child(ren) to continue in September. I would like to be able to offer any available space to those on our waitlist.

February 19 is Family Day, but it is also Louis Riel Day in Manitoba. I invite students and parents alike to take some time to learn about his impact on Canadian history.


By LBaker

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