“I had tears in my eyes.”

Were the words expressed by 80+ year-old Veteran Roy, who came to thank the children after their presentation.  Last night, Maddy, Hazel, Sophia, Keanna and Margot went to the ANAVets Unit #26, on Fraser Street to present for Unit members and guests.  It is a big unit and there were was a big crowd there!

After being introduced and welcomed with warm applause, the group recited In Flanders Fields to an absolutely silent, rapt audience.  This received enormous applause!  The story of how the poppy became the universal symbol for Remembrance Day was then read to the students and the audience.  Finally, the group sang the song Do You Know Where I Find Peace? Again, the audience responded enthusiastically, with many giving the group a standing ovation!

They were then thanked by the Commodore (I’m not sure I have that title right) and Mr. Scott (who’s title I don’t have at all!) and each student was presented with a pin to thank them.

As we readied to leave, many of the members came to personally thank the students and to tell them what a great job they had done.  As I left, I noted the remarks of people, and the reactions they had had to the children and I know that they touched many hearts last night.

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