Today’s Field Trip

Is on!  We will be in the forest, where the canopy will protect us, but please bring boots, rain gear, mitts and any other accoutrements that may help to keep you warm and dry!!

The field trip is for everyone in the family if they wish to join!  There will be two interpreters/leaders for our group.

As a one-time, unusual occurrence, I cannot be at the field trip and will be at the school today.  So, if your child normally attends on Mondays, you have the option of bringing your child to Garibaldi school for the morning instead of going to the field trip.

This Thursday, the Garibaldi Home Learner students will be celebrating Diwali!! Although we are a month late for the actual celebration, we will be learning about the fact that this is a winter celebration focusing around light.  ( I am still working on having someone help us with Hanukkah and have someone who will work with us for the Baha’i celebration in February).

I have a young friend coming in to do Mendhi with the children, we are all wearing our  Salwar Kameez, will have traditional foods, fun music, stories, crafts and art.  Children from both programs are welcome!  Many thanks to Brenda, Lily-Muna’s Mom and Munpreet Aujlay, a wonderful young woman and good friend to my daughter.

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