Letters From Uganda

It was great excitement on Monday and Tuesday as the students received their first letters from their Pen Pals at Rock Primary School in Kasese, Uganda.   We have posted the letters and the photos received on a display in the classroom, so please come on in and read some of the letters.

We learned that our Pals have suffered an enormous loss – there was an earthquake this past term and the school was demolished.  The students are now having their classes outside – and it is now the rainy season.  The government only funded one classroom rebuild, so they are in a real jam. 

Luckily, we had already planned on making Bath Bombs or Bath Fizzies to sell before and after the Winter Concert on December 13th, with all proceeds going to Rock Primary.  Also, your child may have discussed donating some money.  I must tell you, when the children read their letters from their friends, it was the students themselves – with no prompting whatsoever – that immediately discussed bringing in their own savings or donating their own funds for their Ugandan friends.  It was a real outpouring of concern, care and generosity by the children and a real “can-do” group dynamic. 

To that end, I have been researching how to safely and securely send monies there.  One of our parents attempted to wire money there, which did not work.  Also, the teacher at Rock Primary informed me that their computers and connections were also lost in the earthquake, so I cannot easily contact him.  What I have found out – so far – is that a US money order can be purchased through Western Union, which we can then send through the mail safely.  US money can easily be exchanged into Ugandan Shillings there.  So the plan is to put all the donations together to purchase one money order to mail to the school.  I may even send it through DHL courier – as they have DHL there.  Any thoughts or suggestions on this are welcome.


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