The Bird                         

When the grass grew,
a tree and a little man watched.
A bird swooped down
and perched on a tree.
He was as blue as the sky
behind him.

Then, he chirped.
The little man whistled along.
The song they sang
was about beautiful days.
It was about the sun.
It was about plants and
how we are all connected.

It started raining.
A rainbow flew across the sky.
A rabbit hopped.
A flower bloomed.

What a peaceful day.

~by Noella Prescod


10 Things To Do When You Cannot Sleep


Count sheep.

Think of what to keep.

Talk to your cats.

Don’t think about bats!

How many fish?

Give your cat a dish

Pretend to be a knight

Try not to fight!

Now say boo!

I’m off to bed and you too!

~By Noella Prescod

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