Getting Ready for Week 1

Greetings Families,

I hope everyone is as excited to finally start our programing as Juliana and I are!

We have put “verification forms” in everyone’s file folders.  Please read through your form, correct or provide information on the form as necessary, then place your completed form in your teacher’s folder.  Also, for parents who brought your release forms home to sign, please ensure you bring them back signed and place them also in your teacher’s file folder.

Monday is the start date for the K-2 students and Tuesday is the start date for the 3-7 students.

We have had many questions from parents regarding things we need for the classroom.  We are in great need of baskets, bins and containers for the classrooms – baskets and bins for papers, toys, art materials, science materials, etc, and baskets and containers for pencils, pens, scissors, glue sticks, art materials, etc.  In other words big and little baskets, bins and containers!!

I am also asking families to start collecting items from nature:  sticks, dried hollow stalks, pine cones, etc. as we will be building insect hibernation habitats.  Also – if any family has a reciprocal, jig or other saw, I do need help sawing the wood I have into suitable size pieces for the children to make their habitats with.  Please email Shannon or use the form on this blog if you can help with that.

Thank You!

I’m so looking forward to all the smiling faces in Monday!  🙂


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