Library Privileges & Blog Subscriptions

The children have started Library time at school.  The Primaries will have Library time on Wednesday afternoons and the Intermediates will have Library time on Tuesday afternoons.

Students are able to  borrow two books at a time. When they bring their books back, they are then able to check out two new books, if they wish. Please ensure you keep the Beaconsfield Library books separate from books you may borrow from the Vancouver Public Library.  If you return Beaaconsfield books to the VPL, they do not return them to us, and your family will be billed for the loss of the book(s). Also if this occurs, your Allotment cannot be used to cover the cost; cash or a cheque must be provided to the school office.


We have a wonderful Parent who is a Computer Scientist  and who is graciously offering up her time and expertise to work with Edublogs (Thank You, Thank You!)  to resolve the subscription issue.  The issue originates from Edublogs, not from me, or our local site, so we thank you for your patience while we work this out.  In the meantime, please bookmark the Blog and check it regularly for updates.

Have a great weekend!

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