File Folders

There have been a number of issues surrounding the children going into the parent folders over the past while.  Both the Intermediate and the Primary children are involved.  Some children are just curious what is in the files, and some are taking things out and putting them back in other peoples files. Items are also falling out of the files, as the children wade through the files, with notices and forms ending up lost under the table.  I know that this may not appear to be much of a deal, but important notices, sign-ups, tickets, materials and resources have all gone missing now, a problem that has never happened previously in this program.  I know that one family did not get the notice about the Winter Concert, and therefore won’t know about the ticket situation, but I have no idea which family, because I found the notice under the table – and I put one notice in each folder.

For my part, I am also concerned about privacy issues, as some private communication is transferred through the files, and each file is private to each family.

Please talk to your child(ren) about this and ask them to not go into the files at all.

I appreciate that some parents have asked their children to get the file contents for them, but I ask that parents please pop up and check your own files instead – they really aren’t for the children to be going through.

Thank you,


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