Recap And The Weeks Ahead

I want to take this opportunity to commend all the students on the wonderful work they did on their inventions and creations.  All our students, from Kindergarten to Grade 5 put their ideas into action, demonstrating their individuality and creativity.  The visiting classes and teachers were also impressed and excited to learn and share in what was going on, and I know they found the inventions and presentations inspiring.  And, especially for the Intermediate group who presented on three occasions during the day (including to the big Grade 7’s !), the growth in their presentation skills and self assurance throughout each presentation was marked, and a joy to see. Debriefing at the end of the day, they all reported feeling proud of their accomplishments and validated by the positive feedback they received from peers (and Grade 7s!!  :-))

For all of the students who opted to leave their inventions and creations at school for display, I have them on display in the Library, the display case outside the office, and the upstairs hallway.

Portfolio Week

This is a friendly reminder that there is no programming next week due to portfolio meetings.  Also, as our portfolio week looks like it will be scourged with snow, I am asking everyone to please do their utmost to make their meetings, as will I, as we are all working to a deadline for report card submission and distribution.

Field Trip

Our upcoming field trip on Tuesday, February 21st is to the Museum of Vancouver for a day-long animation workshop.  The “Animating History” workshop provides our students with professional animators to storyboard a plot, create and animate characters, and add dialogue and sound effects. Students will complete a one to two minute animated story by the end of the day on the Caribou Gold Rush.  The sign up sheet and consent forms are on the parent table.  Cost is $15.00 per person.



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