It’s That Time of the Year…

Classroom Supplies

In the last couple of weeks, all the classroom pencils have been disappearing.  I have put out new ones, which have also disappeared.  As we are nearing the end of the school year, we don’t have any more supplies left and we do not have any funds to purchase new supplies for this school year.  So, if your child inadvertently has brought, or brings, pencils home in their packs, bags or pockets, please send them back to school again!  We need them!  Thank you.

School Garden

Many of the classes at Beaconsfield have planted seeds and seedlings in the school garden.  We ask that children do not play at all in the school garden, as the plants are being trampled, much to the disappointment and distress of our young gardeners.  This is a friendly request to ensure children do not play in the garden after school.


Finally, we ask that toys not be brought to school on program days.  Mainstream classroom students are also not allowed to bring toys, so our students having toys does cause issues at school.  Toys at school also become the focus of much time and distraction during class time, and often cause issues regarding who can touch them and who cannot, etc.  Please kindly keep all toys at home.

Thank you!


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