Great News!

Our class has been selected to participate in The Living Space Project!  The Living Space Project is offered through Let’s Talk Science, The Canadian Space Agency and The Government of Canada Cancode Program to offer this unique program to classrooms across Canada.

Here is the Project Overview:

How does your Living Space compare to the International Space Station?

As we look forward to expanding space exploration into long-term, long-distance space travel, we need to understand how environmental factors impact human health and well-being. Let’s Talk Science has developed an exciting new Action Project in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency and the CanCode program to give teachers and students an opportunity to monitor their “living space” and integrate science and coding in a unique and engaging way in their classroom. During the upcoming mission of Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, David will be experiencing first-hand the environmental conditions of the International Space Station (ISS) and reporting them back to earth for participating classrooms to compare their results to!

Participating students and educators will:

Study key environmental conditions that are carefully monitored and adjusted on the ISS;
Investigate environmental conditions, such as temperature, light, humidity, and air quality, in their classroom, and how these relate to health and well-being;
Collect and analyse data using programmed sensors and compare it with information from other participating classrooms as well as other locations – even the ISS during David Saint-Jacques’ mission;
Develop analytical thinking and digital and coding skills!

This program will be for the Intermediate students only.  If students have their own devices they are able to bring to the classroom to use on Tuesdays and Thursdays, please let me know, as we only have 9 iPads in our classroom. 

I’m excited!  I hope your children will be too!  This will be really cool!!!  🙂

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