Monday, April 27

Welcome to a new week!  I hope everyone is managing to stay well and enjoying your days as much as possible.

Many people have asked me about assessment and year-end reporting.  I will be preparing year-end reports as usual for all our students.  Nothing has changed in terms of the reporting format, so reports will look the same as you are used to.

I have set up Portfolio Meetings on the calendar (May 25th through June 2). Please take a look at the calendar and send me your first and second choices for meeting dates and times, and I will do my best to accommodate everyone’s request.  If we are back in class at that time, we will hold meetings there, if we are not back yet, I will set up individual virtual meetings with everyone.

Just in case we are back at school, I would like to ask everyone to try to book their meetings within the week of May 25-29, if at all possible.  I’m thinking that with all the time students have missed being together, it would be nice to try to add that Monday and Tuesday to each class.  I know this isn’t usually possible, but worth a try!


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