Home Learners’ Sports Days

As strict covid-19 measures continue to remain in place in schools,  we are not able to hold a school-wide sports day as we have done in previous years.  We are able to hold a small in-person event this year, which is at least a step up from the virtual sports day we had to have last year.  The key to holding a sports day event this year is that it has to be ‘small.’  The mainstream classes at Beaconsfield are having separate sports days for different groups, and we, as Home Learners’ will have our own sports day for our two student groups.
Our Sports Days will be as follows:
Primaries:  Monday, June 21
Intermediates: Friday, June 25th
Also, in keeping with Covid-19 protocols, parents and siblings will not be able to attend.  I will do my best to ensure photos are taken and shared with everyone.  Our Sports Days will consist of fun, participatory games for all the students to enjoy.  I haven’t worked out exactly where we will hold the games – school field, gym, park, etc., more details will be provided as I tee everything up.  Of course, if these days turn out to be rainy, we will adjust and do fun activities in the classroom.

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