Classroom Energy Diet Challenge


Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

Canadian Geographic Education is hosting the fourth year of the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge, an award-winning contest aimed at raising Canadian students’ energy literacy.  The contest will be held from February 2 to April 28, 2015.  At the beginning of the school year, the Intermediate students voted to participate in this year’s Challenge.

The Diet Challenge consists of three streams:  The Classroom Challenge, Video Contest and the School Energy Project Contest.  There are many prizes to be won, which is a fun motivational tool for sure, however, my emphasis in having our students participate will be the learning itself, and putting the learning into action.

I will be sending home activities for home participation and I do hope our students will lead a School Project.  That will be up to them.  If there is a parent or parents who would like to volunteer any expertise in helping the students produce a video, that would be most welcome!

You are welcome to check out the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge website at