A potpourri of information and events…

There are so many things going on…we must be nearing the winter holiday frenzy time…

As I mentioned in a past posting, we have been matched with a class in Nairobi.  I have photos of the children now and their teacher advises that they have posted their letters to us to start our correspondence.  I don’t know how long the letters will take to reach us – I hope not too long!     We will be learning about Kenya in class and preparing to receive and respond to our letters.  To start us off, our storyteller, who is coming on Wednesday, will be sharing a wonderful Kenyan story she knows well.  A reminder that all students from both programs are invited.


As part of our Roots and Shoots Club, the students have decided they would like to plan and host a few fundraisers.  We talked about making and selling some things for the holiday season.  To that end, I have obtained “most” of the ingredients for the children to make bath bombs to sell.  We need donations of essential oils for this project.  If anyone has any essential oils, we only need a few drops for our project and promise not to clean you out!!!  All donations greatly appreciated!


Next week,  November 22nd to 25th is Portfolio week.  There is no programming during portfolio week. However, there are two field trips that happen to have been planned and will go ahead.  On Tuesday, November 23rd  in the morning, there is an Astronomy Workshop at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby (More information will follow this week)  and on Thursday, November 25th in the morning is the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra elementary school concert (again, more detailed information will follow).  I have booked only 16 tickets for the VSO concert as there is another one in the Spring (NB: different concert, though.  This one is the “intermediate” concert, the Spring one is the “primary” concert.  You are welcome to attend both, if you wish)  If you would like to attend the VSO, please email me with your request and # of tickets in total (adults and children) you would like.  Cost is $6.00 per ticket, I believe.


Finally, speaking of winter frenzy, the whole school will be having a Winter concert on December 7th.  This year a decision has been made to have a concert based on a play that all the children can participate in.  The title of the play is Milton, The Snowman.  So, we will be learning songs for the play and some of the children, if they wish, will be able to have speaking parts in the play.


Just remembered another thing!  We are booked as a group to attend Carousel Theatre’s  Seussical The Musical on December 14th.  More details will follow, but please mark your calendar and also please email me if you would like to attend – total number of tickets requested (adults and children) is all I require in your email.  I will book families on a first come, first served basis.

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