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The K/1 group has completed their first fabric resist project, using two types of bleaching agents and different techniques of application.  The result is a multi-dimensional design on denim fabric.  We will re-visit resist providing there is time.  The 2-7 group will be finishing their resist project this next week.

Next week, the K/1 group will start weaving, with the 2-7’s to follow.  We will be looking at a few different techniques and the use of different materials to weave with and produce various items.  To that end, I am asking parents to see if you can find any clean old t-shirts that can be donated for our t-shirt weaving project.  We need as many as possible for the children.  The larger the shirt the better, and coloured t- shirts are optimal!


If all goes according to plan, we will be making our own home-made root beer in class the week after next.  Would anyone be able to donate any clean 2 litre pop bottles to us for this project? Any and all donations greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much!

Have a great weekend

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