Welcome (Back!)

Juliana and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back all our returning families and welcome all our new families to the program.  I hope you all had an enjoyable summer and some time to relax.  This summer Juliana travelled through China while Shannon stayed home to play with Sam and Sophie!  (For those of you yet uninitiated…her Yorkies!)

While some things remain the same, some things change.  One of the first changes you will notice, when it arrives, is our new furniture!  With the growth in the program, we no longer have enough tables and chairs for all the students, so we are getting in desks, so the students will also have a place to keep their projects and supplies. 

Since these desks will be shared by the M/W and T/TH groups, we suggest providing a pencil case or some type of box or holder for personal objects your child may wish to have in the classroom or for their own pencils, eraser, etc.  (medical supplies, epi pens, etc. should be given to the teachers)  We will have the students make their own file folders to keep in their desks so their work won’t get mixed-up with their desk partner’s work.  I think this will also work much better as desks are easier to move around or aside for projects, movement, etc., and will take up less floor space than the tables.

We have determined the monthly themes for this school year, which will be:

Sept/Oct.:  Communities

November:  The Human Body

December:  Winter Celebrations Around The World

January: Calendars Throughout History

February:  Structures

March:  Spring & Living Things

April:  At The Movies

May/June:  Medieval Times

We will have more detailed daily schedules for the first term completed in a couple of weeks.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone and discussing your child’s learning plan in the weeks ahead!


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