Duolingo Language Learning Now Available for Grades 5-7


Duolingo For Schools Opened Today!

Today, I received notification  announcing that Duolingo for Schools is now open.  Duolingo is a platform that offers activities for learning Spanish, English, French, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, German, and Portuguese. The service works in your web browser and is available as an app on Android, iPad, and Windows 8.  Duolingo for Schools allows teachers to assign activities and monitor students’ progress.

I have a classroom account, so if your student is in Grade 5 or above and would like to learn their language using Duolingo, please email me and I will send you the link to get them started.   Then students click on it and it leads them to a registration screen where they can register. Once they register, they are automatically sent to this screen:


It will show the teacher and class (Ms. Shannon).  It’s nice that it automatically appears and the only thing the student has to do is click “Save Changes.” One glitch that I’m seeing is that the “Save Changes” box remains “grayed-out” until the student clicks the space bar a couple of times after the teacher’s email address. I’ve alerted Duolingo to the problem and am not sure if it is a widespread issue or just with me.

Once that’s done, the student can go to work and his/her word completed will show-up on the teacher’s dashboard.

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