Call to Action at Beaconsfield


Call to Action is an international effort of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) to inspire action around recycling mobile phones. Through these actions JGI is raising awareness about how such efforts can help promote conservation of critical habitats across the Congo Basin and around the globe.

 Many of the metals and minerals used in these technologies are extracted from threatened chimpanzee habitats across the Congo Basin. Control over these resources has also fueled conflict among people — conflict that has resulted in the deaths of more than five million people.

Cell phones contain valuable minerals, including gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum (coltan). Control over the mining of these minerals is fueling a civil war that has killed more than five million people, and is destroying chimpanzee habitat. Canadians create demand for these minerals by frequently upgrading their cell phones. As consumers, we can make a big difference by recycling our phones and reducing the demand for minerals.

Beginning on January 27, 2015 citizens around the globe can participate in Call to Action by gathering used electronics — especially mobile phones ― and sending them to one of JGI’s recycling partners. With one simple action, JGI’s friends and supporters are helping protect chimpanzees and their habitat. 

Bring your used cell phones, batteries and chargers to the specially marked JGI Recycle box located on the 2nd floor Home Learners area to help this worthy cause – and please, spread the word!

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