Call to Action at Beaconsfield


Call to Action is an international effort of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) to inspire action around recycling mobile phones. Through these actions JGI is raising awareness about how such efforts can help promote conservation of critical habitats across the Congo Basin and around the globe.

 Many of the metals and minerals used in these technologies are extracted from threatened chimpanzee habitats across the Congo Basin. Control over these resources has also fueled conflict among people — conflict that has resulted in the deaths of more than five million people.

Cell phones contain valuable minerals, including gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum (coltan). Control over the mining of these minerals is fueling a civil war that has killed more than five million people, and is destroying chimpanzee habitat. Canadians create demand for these minerals by frequently upgrading their cell phones. As consumers, we can make a big difference by recycling our phones and reducing the demand for minerals.

Beginning on January 27, 2015 citizens around the globe can participate in Call to Action by gathering used electronics — especially mobile phones ― and sending them to one of JGI’s recycling partners. With one simple action, JGI’s friends and supporters are helping protect chimpanzees and their habitat. 

Bring your used cell phones, batteries and chargers to the specially marked JGI Recycle box located on the 2nd floor Home Learners area to help this worthy cause – and please, spread the word!

Rock Primary School, Uganda


In preparation for teaching workshops in Uganda, I packed along a photo of our class.  I hoped the teachers there would be interested in seeing what a Canadian class looked like and that the photo would serve as a nice ice-breaker into deeper conversation.  I was deeply touched when I noticed our class photo being passed from teacher to teacher at the first workshop – with much discussion among the teachers and many questions to me.  Most of the participating teachers there chatted with me at some point about what education in Canada is like and shared their experiences about teaching in Uganda.

I was elated when one teacher in particular approached me to ask if our class might be interested in becoming pen pals with his class.  Arriving at school this week to get everything set up, I noted an envelope addressed to me from Uganda – of course it is the first piece of mail I have opened!  Enclosed was the photo I have posted and a lovely letter from that teacher, Mr. Tumusiime.  He has included all the names of the students that have joined the environmental club he formed as a result of our workshop and is hoping that we can match students who can then build a long distance relationship.  What a great way to build cross-cultural understanding.  This approach will be perfect for us, as he has students participating from K through grade 7.

If your child might be interested in being a pen pal, please let me know and I will match our students with  his.  We will write some class letters (or send pictures), cards, holiday greetings, etc. throughout the year. Whether children are directly matched or not, everyone will have the opportunity to participate.

Jane Goodall Institute

The fundraising has begun…  Thank you to everyone for your warm wishes and support.

I’ve found a fun and very easy avenue to raise money for the Jane Goodall Institute, every time I shop online or search the web.  I’ve put a link on the blog, on the top left hand margin:

Simply use to raise money for the Jane Goodall Institute (Canada), every time you shop online at any of their 867 participating stores. And when searching the web through (a search engined powered by iGive!), you will raise a penny or more for the JGI every time.

If you do happen to make a purchase through iGive within 45 days of joining, they’ll donate an EXTRA $5 to The Jane Goodall Institute! With 867 stores in the iGive Mall and the new search engine, it’s easy to find the things you need AND raise money for a good cause.


1.  Join to support Jane Goodall Institute (Canada).  It’s free, safe, and easy to join.  Use this link:

Don’t feel like registering?  Take out for a spin and raise a penny (or more!) per search. Just visit and type “Jane Goodall Institute (Canada)” in the “Select Your Cause” area.

Up to 26% of EACH purchase through iGive benefits the JGI, along with a penny (or more!) per qualified search at Make that first purchase within 45 days and get a bonus $5 donation, too!

Also – a very big THANK YOU to Mia’s Mom, Leslie for setting me up with a Regal Fundraising site, which will be available under the blogroll on the right hand margin of this site until April 30th.

Photos From Our Sister Class

This week, we received a lovely letter from Mr. Gilbert Okenye, the teacher of our sister class in Nairobi, Kenya along with photographs of the school and community people.  They have two questions for our students:  What kind of food do we eat?  And  “How do you relate with other people outside your culture?”   I have to admit I am mulling over the second question as I am not completely clear in my mind on the question itself.  However,  these two questions might be good ones to discuss at home with your child so when we get together to write our letter in reply, we can write thorough, thoughtful answers back to the students.

They have also received the camera, pencils, books, stickers, erasers, etc. that we sent them, and are very pleased!

Our Sister School


Masai Graduates from University

Masai Graduates from University


Masai Culture

Masai Culture