Wednesday, May 20

This Monday, May 25th, our Portfolio Meetings start.  Please ensure you take a look at the calendar and send me your first and second choice of portfolio meeting dates and times.  Now that return to school is slated for June 1st, we need to fit all our meetings into one week.  All meetings will be virtual as we cannot access the school site until June 1st.  Please remember that Portfolio meetings are a mandatory aspect of the program for everyone.

Right now, information, and mis-information, is flying around like the Wicked Witch’s monkeys.  Much of what I hear on the media is speculation rather than information.  As soon as I know anything concrete, any decisions, etc.  I will let you know.  Letters/emails will also be sent directly from the school or the Board.  Please keep in mind that the letters sent from the office are written for the mainstream classroom audience.  As these things unroll, I will clarify how things will look for Home Learners, specifically.

Any questions, concerns, etc., please do not hesitate to contact me.

Here is Week 7 of the Independent Study Packages:








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