Wednesday, May 13

Let's Talk Science Challenge Online!

I just today received information about this fun program.  The Let’s Talk Science Challenge Online is a STEM enrichment event designed for Grade 6, 7 and 8 but open to all ages!
Each week from April 16 – June 4, students can participate in a weekly virtual quiz show and an at-home engineering challenge. Students will participate with their peers across Canada and have the chance to win prizes! For information on how to register and what you need to do to participate check this out:

We are now on Week 6 (!?!) of the Independent Study Packages.







Finally, this is a friendly reminder to please look at the calendar and book your Portfolio Meeting.  Please leave June 1st and 2nd open, if possible, in case there is some sort of return to classes.  At this point I have no concrete information.  The media continues to speculate and create scenarios to fill the void, but there is nothing to report at all at the moment.  We just continue as is for the time being.

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