Life’s Lessons and Inspirations

Many of us are discovering that weaving is not as easy as it may look. Neither is spinning raw wool into yarn. But we are learning to persevere in the face of adversity! We shared strategies for what we can do  when we come up against a challenge. There has been a lot of sharing of ideas, and even more offers of help to peers!  This led us into a conversation about the difference between things we truly need, and things we may want. This in turn became a conversation about “Charity” and how we as an individual, or we as a class, might do things to make life easier for other people who may not have everything they actually need. With tis in mind, we are making some woolen handmade crafts and garden seedlings which we will sell to raise funds for charity. The generosity and kindness of our students is wonderful to witness.  Details of the sale to follow.

Thank you to those of you who responded to the survey about excursions and field trip  preferences. Most folk seem to prefer activities held outdoors which are accessible by car. This year we will have 2 excursions. The first will be to attend “TidalWAV” at Second Beach/Ceperly Park from 10:30 to 3:00pm on June 3. Participants in either group are welcome to attend along with any family members who wish to come. The second event will be a family picnic. Each group will meet at the picnic location from 10:30 until 2:30 pm. Location TBD, but save the date: The Primary Mon/Tue group date will be Monday June 27. The Intermediate Thur/Fri group date will be Thursday June 23. Please remember that families provide their own transportation to and from their own homes for both activities. IF you are able to offer a ride to/ from Beaconsfield School for a student whose parent cannot drive, please let me know.

Portfolio season approaches. The last Portfolio Meetings for this year take place between May 24 and June1.  Available times will be 9, 11, 1, and 2 pm. I hope to have the calendar available for viewing soon. Feel free to send me 3 choices of times by email a I will update the calendar daily starting May 11.

Lastly, I am certain you all would have been proud of how your children handled a bit of bad news this past week: It happened that an angry, upset small person from another class, pulled the blossoms off most of our much-anticipated tulips and daffodils and trampled the plots of several other classes as well. The student not striking out at any particular person or class, but simply lashing out at the world in general. It was upsetting for many who witnessed the outburst. After the event had passed, we went out to observe the damage. The damage was quite extensive. However, many blooms remained intact and are not yet finished planting our whole plot. Many seedlings are almost ready to plant out next week. When we returned to our classroom, we followed up this disappointing discovery with a conversation about handling an unpleasant experience. Many valuable insights and strategies were shared. The resilience of our children never ceases to amaze and inspire!

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