Here comes the sun?

It’s hard to believe, but the 2021-22 year is rapidly winding down! Please watch the blog calendar for events happening between now and your child(ren)’s last day of attendance. (The last day for Thursday Friday group is Friday June 24, and the last day for Monday/Tuesday group is Tuesday June 28.

Third term Portfolio meetings have now concluded. We celebrated as your children expressed their pride in their accomplishments over the year. Such creativity and curiosity and growth!

Looking ahead to the fall: Parents of students who are attending for the 2022-23 school year to keep an eye out for the Student Learning Plan (SLP) meeting schedule in early September. Before the end of June I will send out lots ideas for learning resources and activities, for your SLPs along with templates to help organize your planning for the Activation Assignments and SLP meetings. Between now and then you may find it helpful to think about the activities and resources you might use to support Literacy, Numeracy, Humanities and Sciences, PE and the Arts.

Hopefully the recent appearance of the sun is a sign that Summer is about to arrive in earnest. We will be taking advantage of the warmer and drier days to spend more time learning outdoors.

June is National Indigenous History month. Included here is a link to a CBC Kids resource appropriate for younger students.

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