It’s a Long(er) Story

This past week our room has been a hive of activity. We are busy creating a variety of items to sell at a “Kids Helping Kids” fundraiser for refugees. The sale will take place at the front of the school at 2:30pm on Tuesday June 14 and Thursday, June 16.  We have made organic fiber bath and kitchen scrubbers, felted and beaded bookmarks, needle felting craft kits, and wool wrapped soaps. All of which would make lovely gifts. (Hint! Hint!)

Our Intermediate students have been busy writing and performing plays starring their sock puppets. Lots of silly fun. Along with creating sock puppet characters, both groups have used story boards, and writer workshop activities to develop longer, more detailed stories. As a follow up to our hard work creating our plays and stories, we will watch an online Opera performance. The Flight of the Hummingbird story is an environmental fable about moral courage and performed by Vancouver Opera in Schools.

By now you will have received an email with a map and information about the City of Vancouver TidalWAV Event on June 3. All family members are invited to attend this event.

Portfolio meetings are well underway now. It is such a pleasure to celebrate your children’s work and accomplishments. For those of you who may be looking for some extra activities during this period without in person classes, here are a couple suggestions: Create another sock puppet character and invent a ‘sequel’ for your sock puppet play. Create a diorama homeland for your sock puppet or another character from your imagination. Draw a squirrel-proof bird feeder (like the ones we saw last week). Label the parts and their dimensions. Build the birdfeeder you invented. Pretend to plan a big feast. Use newspaper fliers from grocery stores to figure out how much it would cost to host your party. Who from the past, present or future would you invite to this feast? Why would you invite them? Write invitations to your feast.

If you know people who may be interested in joining our Home Learner Program, we are accepting applications for the coming school year. Have interested families contact me via email for more information.

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