Keeping it Fresh

These past days have involved much science and math learning as we explore ways that we can all preserve and protect our precious, clean water resources. We learned about the GVRD water treatment plant, the presence of streams under the city streets and enjoyed the antics of Planet Protectors Goober and Sarah. We followed this up the sharing our reflections on how we can all help reduce the waste of clean water and in doing so, help the health of the planet. We also investigated pond water collected from Trout Lake. We have continued applying measurement and patterning and colour theory skills as we continue to create items for our “Kids Helping Kids Craft Sale” later this year.  We have also been learning about the importance of Persistence and how to handle a challenge. We have been noticing how the squirrel characters in Lynne R. Perkinns’ “Nuts To You” work together to overcome their fears and setbacks. And we have watched some videos about the biology and physics of how squirrels and other creatures can jump long distances. Perhaps you have noticed that, after being knocked offline in early February, our Blog Calendar is working once more. So, with that I mind: Save the dates for separate group picnics on June and a combined groups event on June 3. Both groups are invited to join us at the City of Vancouver “TidalWAV”event in Stanley Park at Second Beach and Ceperley Park on June3rd. Further details will be provided at Portfolio Meetings. Time 10:00 to 2:30.   Please remember that Class Photo Day is tomorrow, Thursday May 19. All students in both groups are welcome to come for the photo, however, only the Thursday/Friday group will stay for classes afterwards. Our class time slot is right at 9:00am, so please arrive at 8:50am. Monday/Tuesday students will be brought back to parents immediately after the photo; approximately 9:10 am.     Attached here is a link to an interesting article by child psychologist Michele Borba.

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