Heat It Up!

Over the past week, we continued to explore chemistry. We chopped up and cooked our Pumpkins in several ways. We baked some in an oven and boiled some in water. We observed that baking it made it taste slightly fruity and sweet while boiling it made it taste more like a vegetable. Lots of research ensued! We also discovered that if close our eyes and plugged our noses it can be tricky to know if we are eating apples or potatoes! As the days get shorter and the clocks turn back, we discussed the advantages or disadvantages of changing the clocks. Some of us noticed that we get hungry even though the clock says it is not time for lunch! Many of you will be proud to learn that the Thurs/ Friday group received the ultimate compliment last week: Mr. C. was here as a guest teacher while I was acting as Head Teacher for the school on Thursday and Friday morning. On Friday morning Mr. C told me he was excited to be coming back for a second morning with this group of smart, friendly, creative kids! That filled my heart with pride too! Over the last few days, we have been talking about the importance of learning to solve problems in peaceful ways while still standing up to bullies. Some of us wrote a song about how we can keep things peaceful. Some of us wrote a note to thank a Canadian veteran who stood up against bullies on a global scale. We will also participate in a Remembrance Day assembly with all the other classes here at 11:00am Thursday, November 10th. Were you surprised by the snow that fell earlier this week? To know if the schools will be closed due to snow, please listen to CBC radio. The school district will inform the media by 6:00am IF they intend to close the schools. More information can be found on the school’s website. Please send your younger kids with a toque and a pair of dry warm socks and gloves in the event of wet toes and cold noses when it snows! Do you enjoy arts and crafts? You may enjoy Make It Vancouver happening at the PNE grounds in early December. Hundreds of artists and crafter vendors will be on-site, and there will be some fun food trucks there too. Do you enjoy Space Science? NASA is set to test launch the Artemis rocket in the next few days! Google NASA.gov for more information. Recently there have been issues updating the blog calendar. Please email me if you have questions about upcoming events while I work to sort out this issue. Next week is our last week before Portfolio meetings begin. Please remember that there are no in person classes from November 21 to December 2.

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