For the Week of November 20th

Ice Skating

We will be going ice skating next week with other classes from the school.  The Primaries will be going on Wednesday and the Intermediates will be going on Thursday.  Only registered students can participate in this activity.  If you have not already received them, the consent forms are in the parent files.  I need signed forms back ASAP.  The cost for this activity is $5.00 per student, which must be paid for by cash – no allotments.  Also please ensure your child has warm socks and mittens or gloves.  Toques which helmets can fit over are also suggested.

On both days, parents can drop their children off directly at Trout Lake Community Centre at 10:00 a.m. and students will walk back to school with me afterwards, or you can drop your child off at 9:00 a.m. at school and students can walk both there and back with me.  However, I cannot wait for late arrivals at school as I must leave to be at the rink for 10:00 a.m.

Winter Concert

We have started practices for the Winter Concert.  I have sent lyrics to one song home with the Intermediates to learn and ask that parents help children memorize the words.  I also ask that the lyric sheets go back and forth from school to home so I am not constantly photocopying.  I appreciate everyone’s help with this.  🙂 .  Your child(ren) may have mentioned that a portion of our concert performance involves Kazoos.  To this end, I have purchased Kazoos for every child for the performance, and for them to keep afterwards.  I am asking for $1.00 for each Kazoo to cover their cost.  Thank you.

Portfolio Meetings

Portfolio Meetings begin on November 27th.  I am excited to hear from you and your child what they have been learning and what their goals for learning are for the coming months.  If you haven’t already, please ensure you book an appointment with me.  Also note, especially for new families: there is no programming during portfolio meeting times.



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