Wednesday, September 9

Good morning!

I have a couple of items for now that I want to share with everyone.  The first thing, as we start our Student Learning Plan meetings tomorrow, is that for the families meeting me on school grounds at the “picnic table,”  I have changed that a bit.  I will be putting a table and chairs at the front north-east corner of the front yard of the school – where there are large cedar trees and grass. Right at the corner of Penticton Street and 20th Avenue, just inside the fence. For returning families, this area is where you picked up your year end report cards and school work.  Also, just a friendly reminder to not enter the school building itself if you aren’t sure where to meet me!

I have moved us to this location as some of our meetings at the picnic table would have occurred while students were having recess or lunch times, and no parents or unregistered children are allowed on school grounds at all this year.

The other item is, if you haven’t already received it, there is some information being sent to you from the Principal today.  I asked her to indicate in her email the things that do not pertain to Home Learners.  However, she has a ton on her plate right now, so if anything seems confusing or you think might not apply to you as an HL family, please contact me.    It is common for information on school events and other such things to be sent out that do not pertain to us, for example, parent-teacher meeting early dismissals, or the alphabetized morning attendance for the mainstream classes on Thursday and Friday.  I’m not exactly sure what is being sent out today, so I can’t provide any insight, but please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  🙂

Enjoy your day!



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