How EGGciting!

Many EGGciting adventures this week planning, collaborating, building various ways to protect an egg from a long fall onto hard ground. The intermediate group had to create a package using only paper or cardboard and the yarn they spun from raw wool. The Primary group were given paper and cardboard and string. Some eggs survived the drop! All of the children discussed the possibility that their plan might not work, and their egg might break.  Everyone chose to go ahead and attempt this challenge. Each successful surviving egg was celebrated by the group. Each broken egg was met with a philosophical shrug and an “Oh well, that’s just science.” Lots of laughter along with our learning. Thank you to those who sent along some Easter treats to share as well.                                                                              There was much singing and dancing this week as well. We watched a video of the award-winning Gladstone Secondary Jazz Band and Choir and danced along with Mr. Gurdeep Pandher. Mr. Pandher is a resident of Yukon, who posts a daily Bangura dance from his cabin just outside of Whitehorse. His dances remind us to find joy and gratitude for the simple things in life.        We continuing to enjoy our garden and watch in amazement as our daffodils thrive and our tulips are almost ready to open. We have planted more perennials to plant after all danger of frost has passed. Soon it will be time to tackle the weeds which also seem to be enjoying the rich and healthy soil of our modest garden!                                                                                                      If you have not done so already, please provide a clean old sock or two for the ‘puppet making project’ we started this week. Making a puppet is also a convenient excuse for learning how to sew on a button and mend a hole! Please be reminded that Monday April 25 is a Professional Day and Thursday April 28 is an early dismissal day for Beaconsfield and Pick Up time is 2:00pm. Please watch your email for a ‘Field Trip Survey” coming your way later today.

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