That’s not compost, that’s Candy!

During Science this week we have been exploring how crystals form. And, as part of our discussions about reducing food waste we wondered what we could do with peels from fruit and vegetables. Well, naturally those two ideas collided. And it turns out that the pith of a pomelo, which might otherwise be destined for then compost pile, becomes a very tasty treat when it is cooked in syrup. And when syrup is cooked long enough all the water is removed and crystals form. And, according to our research, Pomelo pith it is full of Vitamin C. So much crunchy goodness wasn’t garbage after all!

The first report cards of the ear will be sent home next week. Please enjoy reading about your child’s progress. There is so much to celebrate! Please keep the report but return the envelop to be used again later in the year.

It’s cold and flu season. Parents are reminded to keep students’ home if they are not feeling well, have a sore throat, are coughing, or have a fever.

Although this school year is only halfway gone, we are already looking ahead to the 2023-24 school year.  Over the next week or so I will be asking parents if they intend to keep their child in the program for next year. Current students and their siblings have priority over new applicants.

Thanks to those who are spreading the word about the program our remaining spaces are filling up quickly! At tis point in time there are only few openings in the Primary cohort, and just a few spots in the Intermediate cohort. Please encourage those who are ‘on the fence’ to reach out soon. Invite folks to email me at

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