Happy New (school) Year!

As the weather cools the school days are heating up! I’m so excited to be back in the office and preparing for the year ahead. I particularly look forward to meeting with each family individually to create your individualized Student Learning Plan (SLP). This year the SLP meetings will take place from September 11 until Sept 26 (except  Sept 13, 20, 25)  Please email me as soon as possible with your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice for dates and if you prefer morning or afternoon time slot. I will do my best to schedule families with more than one student in the program for back-to-back time slots.

As you know, while most elements of this program are open-ended and flexible, there are a small number of mandatory Ministry of Education requirements. These are the SLP, an Activation Assignment (due Sept 25th) and  3 Portfolio Presentations. For students in grade 4 to 7, there are also several additional interim portfolio submissions. I will provide a list of the relevant dates at your SLP.

In-person attendance for Thursday/Friday students begins Thursday September 28. The first day of in-person attendance for the Monday Tuesday group will be Tuesday October 3. Please note: Kindergarten students will only stay until noon on October 3 and 10th. (“Gradual Entry half days” are important element of setting up for success. Any parent who feels their Kindergartener would benefit from a longer gradual entry period is welcome to discuss that with me)

On the first day of class, every student will have their very own “Cubby” where they can leave useful items at school. Grade 7s will get a locker! All students should keep an art smock, apron, or oversized T-shirt at school to protect clothes from MESSY art and science projects. Monday/Tuesday students should also have a change of clothes and  extra socks in a Ziplock bag, and a pair of “inside shoes” or slippers to wear inside the classroom. Please label all their clothes/shoes with their name or initials.

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