Fabric Arts & Science

Thank you to the families that have donated clean, old t-shirts and to Jill for the pop bottles!  If any families have  old t-shirts they can donate and just a couple more 2 litre pop bottles, we will be in business!  T-shirts don’t have to be in perfect condition, as we will be tearing them into strips.  The children are working on simple weaving at the moment to prepare them for the t-shirt weaving project.  (following the weaving, we will be working on tye-dyeing and batik.  I have purchased two new white t-shirts for each child who signed up,  for these projects.) 

Fabric Arts

The K/1 group has completed their first fabric resist project, using two types of bleaching agents and different techniques of application.  The result is a multi-dimensional design on denim fabric.  We will re-visit resist providing there is time.  The 2-7 group will be finishing their resist project this next week.

Next week, the K/1 group will start weaving, with the 2-7’s to follow.  We will be looking at a few different techniques and the use of different materials to weave with and produce various items.  To that end, I am asking parents to see if you can find any clean old t-shirts that can be donated for our t-shirt weaving project.  We need as many as possible for the children.  The larger the shirt the better, and coloured t- shirts are optimal!


If all goes according to plan, we will be making our own home-made root beer in class the week after next.  Would anyone be able to donate any clean 2 litre pop bottles to us for this project? Any and all donations greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much!

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