Recorder for the Intermediates!

Beaconsfield’s PAC is graciously supporting music learning at Beaconsfield by helping to fund the purchse of recorders and music books to a number of classrooms at the school.  Together with Ms. Bredin’s Grade 5 class, the Intermediate Home Learners will be participating in learning to play the recorder and learning to read music through weekly music classes on Thursday afternoons!  Ms Bredin and I will be jointly teaching the class using both her and our classroom.

We haven’t quite worked out how the recorders will be distributed to students, but it looks like parents will be offered the choice to purchase a recorder for their child so those children can take the recorders home to practice, or will be offered to use classroom recorders at no charge, but will not have the option of taking recorders home.  The recorders are good quality Yamaha instruments and the cost will be approximately $7.00

Music classes will start this Thursday, January 16th.  🙂

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