Austrailian Coin Drive at Beaconsfield

One of the classes at Beaconsfield is organizing an Australian Coin Drive next week to help the animals being affected by the bush fires.  They have made posters and will be coming around to do a short 5 minute presentation to classes at the end of this week.
The coin drive will run from January 27th until January 31st.  All money collected will be donated to WIRES which is an organization that stands for Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service which is directly dealing with these animals.
To give you a quick run down, Monday will be nickel day- students can bring in one nickel or many. Tuesday will be dime day, Wednesday will be quarter day, Thursday will be loonie day finishing off on Friday with Toonie day.  If you could help remind your students by writing it in their agenda that would be helpful.
Any amount will help these animals that need it at this time.  Thank you for your support.  If you have any questions, please see me.

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