Thursday, April 16

I have good news on the allotment front:  You can now use your allotment.  The process for now is as follows:

  1.  Send me a separate and detailed email of what you would like or order, the vendor information and the price(s).
  2.  When I receive your request, I will obtain sign-off from Lani.
  3.  I will order your request and wherever possible, have the item/materials shipped directly to your home.  If the order cannot be shipped directly to your home, I will let you know and we will figure it out.
  4. Approved vendors only:

Spectrum Nasco

School Specialty

Education Station

ADS Academic

JUMP Mathematics

  1. Please remember not to order directly from the vendors yourself.  Send me what you would like to order so I can purchase it through your allotment.  Reimbursements for anything purchased on your own is not allowed.

For those students who are available, I will be hosting a group meeting on Skype tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.  This is for both Intermediate and Primary students.  Since it is the first time we are trying out a group meeting, there is not a specific topic or learning theme, we will simply use the meeting to test out the settings and say “Hi.”  I will send a group meeting invitation tomorrow late morning.  You do not need to set anything up to receive or join this call – it is (supposedly) configured so that you simply click on the invitation link and join in.  I’m excited to try it tomorrow with the students!

Finally, I wanted to share this with everyone.  I think it is particularly apropos right now.




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