Happy New Year…almost!

I hope your Winter Break was replenishing and safe. Thank you for all the wonderful cards and goodies you shared with me, and for our class parties, before the Winter Break. Although the January restart has been delayed, VSB staff have been busy preparing for the reopening. Here are a few reminders and things to note for when school does reopen: We will be re-emphasizing routines such as hand washing, how we move through the hallways and social distancing in line ups. We will continue eating our snacks and lunch in the classroom. Students’ desks and tables have been rearranged to allow as much distance between students as possible.  Students will remain in their desks for most activities rather than gathering in closer proximity on the carpet. Please provide your child with secure fitting 3-ply masks if at all possible.
Please ensure that you are conducting the Daily Health Check every day before attending. In addition to earlier criteria, a runny nose and or sore throat are COVID symptoms to be aware of.                              With the lingering snowy winter weather this is also a good time to remind families to send along a change of clothes and indoor shoes. Once schools do reopen, if it snows overnight, check the VSB website and listen to the radio news stations to find out about possible school closures. Please do not call the school. While we sincerely hope it is not necessary to do so, if schools remain closed, we may need to ‘pivot’ to online learning using the VSB’s TEAMS platform. I have created a Team for all the Home Learners as well as one for just the Monday/Tuesday students and one for the Thursday/Friday group. Please ensure that your child knows their VSB password and is able to log onto TEAMS as this is where online resources and materials will be shared, and possible online classes will occur. (If you can’t remember their password, it is obtainable through the office) As a backup, please email me the best parent email I could use to connect with your child on Zoom if necessary. I look forward to seeing your all soon. Stay warm!

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