Speeding Right Along!

The SLP Meetings are moving right along. It’s been a delight to hear about the amazing activities and resources families are using to support learning from home! So, I’ve been collating and sharing some of the gems on a little hand-out. It has also been terrific to hear about the community connections families have been forming, especially since the picnic last summer! Lots of playdates and get togethers! It is humbling to be part of such a generous and welcoming community.

PLEASE REMEMBER that the kindergarten students will be dismissed at 12:00 on October 3 and 10th. Any Kindergarten parent who feels their child would benefit from one more day of “Gradual Entry” is welcome to email me. Students Grade 1-7 will be doing a messy art project on the afternoon of their first day, so please remember to send your child to school with an art smock.

PLEASE NOTE: Beaconsfield’s date for Individual School Photos is Tuesday October 3rd. October 3rd is also the very first day of school for our Primary students. What an exciting way to begin!  We go first at 9:05 so it will be important to arrive on time. Having an individual school photo taken is open to all students in both groups. I will greet everyone at the side door of the school and bring them in for their photo. Students from the Thursday/Friday group who choose to participate will go first, and then be dismissed. (Probably before 9:30.) The rest of us will then go up to the classroom for some and some stories and “get to know you” games.

One of our families found a fantastic resource they asked me to share with you: The Beauty Museum (Natural History at UBC) is having an Open House. It is free for teachers and home learners.  Promo code for free entry is: pdd2023

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